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Book swap program

Send your old books to us for credit on future purchases.
You will receive approximately 50% of the amount we intend to list your old books for – made available in vouchers for a discount on your next purchase from us..

A bit more information:

We use a number of factors to calculate our selling price on secondhand books:

  • The recommended retail price of the book when it was sold as a new book (if available).
  • The general condition of the book.
  • The type of book.
  • If it is part of a complete set or a single book from a set.
  • The number of pages.
  • The dimensions of the book.
  • Any writing on or inside, same for study notes and/or child scribbling.
  • Water or other liquid stains.

Our prices or non-negotiable.

To qualify for credit on your next purchase based on the books you sent us the following needs to happen:

You will need to complete the form below after which the following will happen:

  • Deliver your books to us in Craighall, Johannesburg, or courier/post to us (all details will be made available when we start communication with you).
  • If you do not accept the prices we calculated on the books you sent to use return postage / collection / shipping costs will be for your account.
  • We will calculate and load books on the site in small batches of 10-20 at a time and give you credit as we load the books.
  • The we will e-mail you voucher codes you may use on our site for your next purchase (on books only).
  • Voucher have a one year lifetime.

We will soon add a form below you may complete that will allow us to give you an estimate of what we probably will list your book/s for should we sell it.

To simply send your books to us without enquiring about pricing please complete the below form and we will send addresses to you for delivery, shipment.




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