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MYSTERY BOOKS PACKAGE! (Single purchase)


  1. We sell books from our own collection of secondhand books and new books.
  2. We also accept shipments of your books and will give you 50% credit of our expected selling prices for future purchases from this site.
  3. Individuals, books stores, publishing houses, or book clubs may sell their books from our site at a nominal fee by setting up a shop in our marketplace.

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Our MYSTERY BOOKS PACKAGES consist of the following:

  1. AT LEAST 2.5 kilograms worth of books!
  2. 100% English books.
  3. 100% Second-hand books.
  4. 99% English novels – you may find the odd non-fictional book (autobiography, based on true events, etc.) inbetween but those are rare and far apart.
  5. Wear could be anything from heavily worn to almost brand new.
  6. Size could be anything from VERY small to VERY large.
  7. The number of pages per book will vary.
  8. The year of publication could be anything from the 1950s (even earlier) to most recently published, depending on what we have in stock.
  9. NUMBER OF BOOKS per package will vary – our example photo has eight books.
  10. Books are randomly selected and we try to keep a balance between all types of books and authors.
  11. Books could be paperback, hard-cover, or hard-cover with dust jacket.
  12. You may receive duplicates in future packages – we do not keep track of items sent to individuals – in fact, we do not keep track of any items purchased in these packages as we are flooded with books at the moment and are clearing stock.
  13. This item will be listed until such time that we reduced stock to manageable levels.
  14. You may return any books you wish at your own cost but no refunds will be given.
  15. We check all books before we ship that all pages are readable and all primary pages (lead pages may have been removed by previous owners) are intact. However, if you receive a book with missing pages we will be happy to replace it with another random book when we ship your next order.
  16. There is no value on the packages but we are confident that if we were to list these books individually you were going to pay far more than what we are charging for this package.

Books & Stuff collects payment on behalf of ALL dealers and agents, and then, after deducting our fees, pass the balance on to them. We only accept Payfast as a method of payment.

This is a Market Place, not a Conventional Online Shop. Each book dealer or agent uploads their items, and ships themselves. This means you will have different rates and different options from each dealer or agent you purchase from. SHIPPING DOES NOT TAKE PLACE FROM A CENTRAL HUB.

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IMPORTANT : This is a Market Place, not a Conventional Online Shop. Before you buy, KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!
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